"At first, to his eye, the slashes appeared random, but as his hand led him in, he understood that they formed a subtle but complex interconnection ... Crow was no longer painting but had become a vessel that brought the canvas and life together."

- Danny Simmons, Three Days As the Crow Flies, 2004, p.160


Danny Simmons, Jr. is an abstract painter hailing from Queens, NY. He has described his painting style as "neo-African Abstract Expressionism." The objective of Danny's paintings is to serve as a form of revealing the spirituality that is rooted in art. The spirit of the artwork is, to him, more influential than pure aesthetics that most people are naively drawn to. A self-taught artist, published author, poet, and philanthropist Danny exhibits his passion for the arts in many different forms that each extend to various facets of life.

Surrealist painters ranging from Dali to Miro have heavily influenced Danny. It is this eclectic source of inspiration that has contributed to the bold emergence of his unique artistic style. Danny's particular construction of abstraction provides a channel through which he can successfully convey the spirits or higher consciousness that not only speak to the creation of the piece, but also exude from the painting in its final form. Abstraction for Danny is the bridge for conveying the emotional spirituality that underlies physical aesthetics. Through his paintings he also seeks to create power objects, much like those in his extensive collection of African Art, which have the ability to affect a change in the emotive state of the viewer. With this influence, Danny seeks to begin the reestablishment of the relationship between creator and artist that is so imperative in traditional African Art. To further demonstrate this connection to the art, Danny makes his own paints directly from raw pigment. He shows no fear of the application of multiple layers in his paintings, nor does he hesitate to expose any one these under paintings through a scratched surface.

Danny has used his artistic talents and creativity to become very influential in the art world today. The New York Times has acclaimed that Danny "injects freshness" into his abstracts, and that they are "meticulously rendered and decoratively impressive." Today, Danny's work can be found in prominent establishments such as: Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn Museum, Schomburg Center for Black Culture, The Smithsonian, United Nations and, on an international level, he has exhibited work in France, Amsterdam and Ghana. Furthermore, in 2015 he will serve as a scholarly consultant for the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) in Washington, DC.

  • Keep it Movin'
  • Loose Me
  • Afta' They Took All They Cud Take
  • All the Complicated Things About My Father
  • Bark
  • Beyond Heaven's Gates
  • Blessings Silver
  • Me, You, and Jesus
  • Reaching Out Palms Up
  • Seeking Higher Ground
  • The Long Migration
  • The Quarreling Pair
  • Things Have Changed
  • Tied To The Whipping Post
  • Rise and Settle
  • Dr. Gris Gris
  • The Painter
  • The Complicated and Ongoing Search for Suitable Objects of Worship
  • Peek a Boo
  • In So Deep
  • Monoprint 5
  • Monoprint 7
  • Monoprint 10
  • Monoprint 18
  • The Fire This Time